Weekend Sports Update

So Jerry Reese must have been listening to me, as the Giants traded Tim Carter for Reuben Droughns on Friday. Not a bad deal, considering that Tim Carter isn’t exactly the next Jerry Rice, and Reuben has had some decent seasons. One less thing they need to acquire in the draft as well.
I want to be the first to apologize to those NCAA teams who feel snubbed this morning. I feel some responsibility, as waaaaaay too many Big Ten teams made it in this year. Since MSU finished 7th in conference play, but had a good resume otherwise, I think the committee let in Illinois and Purdue in part to justify MSU. Silly though. Illinois at least probably should not have made it. Early tip: take Niagara from the MAAC in the play-in game.
Last night, I curled for the first time in nearly a year. I’m taking the year off to maintain my “eligibility” for the five-and-under events, but I’m allowed to play in up to 9 games. I figured I should at least play in one. It was fun, but I am definitely sore this morning. Surprisingly, it’s more in my legs (from pushing out in the delivery, and walking on ice) than my arms (from sweeping). I made some good shots, but was pretty inconsistent, which was to be expected. It was good to see a lot of the people from the club, and there were a lot of new faces who joined after the Olympics. I’m definitely looking forward to a full year next year.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Sports Update”

  1. Maybe someone can explain to me how the heck Stanford (18-12) got in. Ok, they had some injuries, but lost 6 of their last 9 games. Their RPI and strength of schedule was nothing great. To me, Drexel or Syracuse deserved this more than Stanford.


  2. I was shocked that Purdue, Illinois and Michigan State all made it in but their schedules/results are very similar. MSU had a pretty good 2 point win against Texas early, Illinois had a decent win (a must win to make the tourney) against Indiana, Purdue had some good wins but(and the advantage of only playing Illinois and MSU at home) some significant losses. All three could or should probably not be in.

    Looking forward to watching the upsets this week!!


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