More on the Tourney

The storyline that is interesting only to alumni of Michigan State: Izzo’s Spartans will face Marquette in the first round, who are coached by Tom Crean, former Izzo assistant. Crean and Izzo agreed when Crean took the Marquette job that they would never schedule each other. Aww. Now let’s get it on! Time for the teacher to give the student one more lesson.
I just found the initial TV schedule on Deadspin, and it appears that the Spartans are on Thursday night at 7pm. At least I don’t have to take off work to watch then. Unfortunately, they’re on at the same time as Duke against semi-local Virginia Commonwealth, so I’m guaranteed to get screwed with that game. That’ll mean I’m stuck watching it on CBS’ March Madness on Demand. Better than nothing, I suppose.