Funny How The Day Goes

This morning started off super crappy. For some reason, when taking the dog out for a walk this morning, I put my hat down on the trunk of the car, thinking to myself that I surely wouldn’t forget that it was there. You can guess what happened. I headed off to Safeway to buy lottery tickets, only to find the customer service desk deserted (in fairness, it was only 6:30am). It was around the time I was going to get back on the highway that I realized that I had left my hat on the trunk, so I retraced my route back home to find it lying in the road just around the corner from home.
I got on the highway about 15 minutes later than usual, and paid for it. If I get on at 6:30am, the HOV rules haven’t kicked in yet, so the traffic flows smoothly. At 6:45am, it starts to back up as people have to exit I-66 at the Beltway.
After sitting through the traffic, I decided to take a side trip for those lottery tickets ($350 million!). The first Safeway didn’t sell lottery tickets, only scratch-offs. So I stopped by the nearest 7-11, even though it wasn’t very near. Asked for the tickets, and tried to hand him my debit card. Cash only for lottery. Doh! Paid the $2 surcharge at the 7-11 ATM and proceeded to drive into work 30 minutes later than I should have gotten there, extremely pissed off.
The day has improved since though. Lisa found the Disney Crocs shoes for Ellie and her cousin for 10% off at, plus $10 off for using Google Checkout. Not bad.
Then I spent much of my lunch break finding all sorts of cool kids music that rocks. Lots of resources out there (and I’m posting them here mostly so I don’t forget all of them): The Lovely Miss Davis, Children’s Music That Rocks, Zooglobble, GoCityKids, Rock-n-Romp, Rock-n-Romp Baltimore, Jam-A-Rama, Baby Loves Disco (come to DC please!), and more performers than I can list here. I had fun listening to Justin Roberts (who is at Jammin Java on St. Patty’s Day and sounds kinda like James Taylor) and Steve “I used to be on Blue’s Clues, but now I rock out on kid’s music” Burns.
My mood is much better now.