St. Patty’s Parade

Saturday was time once again for the Alexandria St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Twas a beautiful day for it as well, in the 60’s and sunny. The only place where sunscreen is generously applied in early March (we Irish have that sensitive skin going on, ya know). Cable knit sweaters in abundance, and even the occasional kilt. And this time, unlike the Chinese New Year debacle, we made it there in plenty of time to see all the festivities. It always helps to know where you’re going and where the parking is. And yes, they do their parade two weeks early. You got a problem with that?
I fast-forwarded through much of the MSU-Wisconsin game after we returned home. I saw enough to know they should have won the game, if not for a crazy three-pointer by a guy who hadn’t made a shot all game. Nothing like home-court advantage on Senior Day to get you a two-point win.
I could have sworn that I had much more to say about this weekend, but my mind has wandered. Must be Monday.