Wired Up

On Monday, I received my SunRocket “Gizmo” from UPS. This after emailing customer support at 9am on Friday, receiving a reply at 4pm that they were “backordered” on the gizmos, then having it ship out later that night. After opening the box and reading the “Quick Install” instructions, I was baffled. The colors of the ports and cables they mentioned were not matching up with my gizmo. I went online and found the real instructions, and was able to hook it up fairly quickly. Not exactly inspiring confidence so far. Luckily, the service is up and working fine.
I did run into a few snags along the way though. Back when I had our basement ceiling exposed, I ran a lot of wiring around, and tried to get everything centralized to the utility closet. All the TV cables run back there, and I thought I had all the phone lines run back there too. Turns out I did not, and the kitchen phone line, the one line we use for our cordless phone (i.e. the only one we ever use) was wired to the outside, not to the “home run.” This meant that after I thought I had hooked up the gizmo correctly, whenever I would pick up the phone to dial, it was dialing both the landline and the VOIP line. This got really confusing when I would hear “Your call could not be completed as dialed” at the same time it was ringing.
I finally figured out the problem, but the wiring was too far under the ceiling for me to rewire the correct way. All I could do was cut the kitchen line, and move the cordless phone to a different phone outlet. This is not a huge deal, but it does leave the kitchen phone outlet mounted on the wall looking pretty bare and silly.
After figuring out the wiring, I set up our landline to forward all incoming calls to the new SunRocket line, and disconnected the landline. You may notice that calls coming from us show a different number on the caller ID for a while, but if we end up sticking with SunRocket, I will switch our existing number to them, so that should only be temporary.
At any rate, last night we made several calls (Disney planning and such) and no one seemed to notice anything untoward about the connection. I believe it even passed the wife test, which was “I like to make phone calls that I can hear the other person on the line and I like to keep costs to a minimum.” Check, and check.