On This Day (yesterday), Three Years Ago…

Born was a little man by the name of Austin Michael Dauernheim. My have the times changed since that day. Austin is now THREE!! Taylor is FIVE, and heading to Kindergarten next year!! AND We all now live in Kansas!! Who’d a thunk??

So quick-ish recap of the birthday boy’s weekend:


  • Party at school with all the other chillens. (Cupcakes outside were a nightmare with the 50 mph winds blowing the bowls all over the playground and with the black icing leaving its mark)
  • Dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise – Austin had the mini Cheeseburgers
  • Fun begins at the Great Wolf Lodge
  • Ice Cream/Frozen Custard from Sheridan’s
  • Movie Night in the hotel (Lodge) room. The movie was How to Eat Fried Worms(Dumb)
  • Bed Time
  • Breakfast at McD’s
  • Gymnastics/Tumbling class(Taylor tried to crack open her head during Austin’s class so she skipped out on her class)
  • Trip to Toys R Us for toys and clothes
  • Lunch at home
  • Nap time
  • Dinner at home
  • More fun at Great Wolf Lodge
  • Fun at the Great Wolf Lodge Arcade
  • More Ice Cream/Frozen Custard
  • Bed Time
  • Birthday Breakfast – Eggs, Bacon and Toast YUM!
  • Went to the ‘Playplace’ (So mom and dad could workout!!)
  • Lunch at home
  • Movie DAY – no nap! Movie was Ant Bully (ehhh)
  • Birthday Dinner – Philly Cheesesteaks and Tator Tots
  • Cake(Spiderman) and presents(yay!)

Here are some pics from the eventful weekend:

Austin got a bike from his Great Aunt Carol. He loves it!! Tonight we went on a little bike ride. The first half he struggled but the second half he looked like an old pro.


Nothing like a picture of a kid and his/her birthday cake(Cars, Lightning McQueen).

Austin and his other birthday cake(Spiderman).

More presents.

Forgot to mention that Jenn had a Dodgeball game on Friday. It was part of her work’s Mandatory Fun push. They won, a 2 out of 3 game match, and have moved on to the sweet sixteen!!

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