It was a weekend of indulgences at the Dauernheim household. And that’s never a bad thing.
On Friday night, we ran out of ideas for dinner, and by the time we realized it, it was too late to go shopping for groceries to make something. Instead, we fell back on ordering food from Outback. They have a good setup that all restaurants should duplicate. You submit your order over the Internet to the place at which you will pick up the food. About 30 minutes later, you drive up to the special “Curbside Pickup” parking spot, and a guy comes out to your car to confirm your order and take your money. He then goes back inside, gets your food and rings up the order, and brings the food back out. Then you’re done! Go home and enjoy. Which we did.
Saturday was a most busy day. I started off the day by buying our Nationals’ Opening Day tickets. Shortly thereafter, we went out to the zoo, where Ellie was signed up for the “Winter Tweets” class. The zoo offers classes to members, and since we just recently joined up, we thought Ellie would have a good time with it. This class was all about what animals do in the winter, particularly backyard animals. They read a story, did some activities, and finally, made treats (“tweets”) for the backyard animals. Ellie had fun, especially since we went and watched the gorillas afterward.
On our way home, we stopped by Hard Times Chili for some indulgent lunch. Nothing like some chili on a cold day. We stopped by our house for a few minutes before heading back out to the mall. I had an appointment for my hot lather shave, which Lisa got me for Christmas. I’ll probably write more about this later, because it was just that indulgent. The Grooming Lounge, if you’re ever in the DC area, is like a spa for men, but not so girly. They do fancy shaves, haircuts, massages, etc, but it always feels manly somehow. The rest of the day, Lisa had people touching my face. She even did the “baby’s bottom” comparison, and it was a tough call. My face was just that smooth. I didn’t shave at all yesterday, and it was still pretty smooth all the way through the day. I’ve been told that I will be getting this shave for our anniversary, not that I’m complaining.
Later on, we dropped Ellie off at her friend’s house so that we could have a night out at Bangkok Joe’s. It was our friend’s birthday, otherwise we might not have chosen such a hip place. I indulged in a Bangkok Swing (Absolut Citron, Southern Comfort and ginger-lemon tea), while Lisa had coconut punch (coconut, pineapple and grenadine). The food was good, with various dumplings as appetizers and good Thai entrees.
Finally, it was time to pick Ellie up and head home. We got back just in time for me to catch the end of the MSU-Indiana game. It was like they were waiting for me to watch before they turned it on. Drew Neitzel had another great second half, and MSU took care of Indiana. They should probably be in the tourney, but a win at Michigan on Tuesday would probably clinch it for them.
We woke up Sunday morning to snow. Big, huge flakes causing what passes for whiteout conditions in these parts. Since we hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet, we had to shovel our way out a bit and brave the snowy roads. I did well until one last hill, when I slowed too much (I saw a minivan struggling at the top of the hill, and slowed because I didn’t want to have to try to pass it) and spun my wheels in the snow. We turned around and took the long way home. Lisa had to park us in the street when we slipped sideways turning into the driveway. Luckily, there wasn’t a huge layer of ice under the snow like the last time, so I was able to shovel the street behind the car and back into the driveway without too much trouble.
The rest of the day was a normal snow hermit existence. Hot chocolate, building a snowwoman with Ellie, potato leek soup (accompanied by Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale to warm the insides; review forthcoming).
Now the weekend of indulgences is over, so we’re back to our normal routine. It should be a relatively slow week. I’m expecting the SunRocket “gizmo” to arrive today, so we can start testing out our new VOIP service. But other than that, we have very little going on, which is just how I like it after a busy weekend.

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  1. Still trying to figure out why MSU cannot score in the 1st half. They get 20 in the first and 45 in the second against Indiana. Good thing they play tough defense or they would be getting blown out or too far behind to catch up.


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