Bring the Google

Just last month, I switched all my email over to Google Apps for Your Domain. It worked very well, as I was already using GMail for my email as it was.
While GAFYD was nice, it didn’t entirely integrate with all of Google’s services that I used. It has Calendar and Mail, but not Docs or Reader. Well today, Google unveiled a new version of Google Apps that integrates Docs and Spreadsheets. You can also upgrade to their premium version for $50 per account per year (that’d be $100 for me, since it’s just me and Lisa). The premium version includes 10GB of storage for your email! (Google Apps limits you to 2GB, and does not dynamically add to that storage like regular GMail does) Not too shabby.
The New York Times article linked above claims that this is Google’s attempt to really go after the business user that is sick of Microsoft Exchange and Office. I can’t say whether that will happen (I imagine smaller businesses will switch, but larger ones with a big infrastructure will stay with Microsoft), but I’m glad they added documents to my account. This makes it super easy for me and Lisa to share documents if we ever have the need.