Bell’s Cherry Stout

I had high hopes for this beer. Michigan cherries in a stout? How can you go wrong?
Well, it went just a tad wrong. There’s a balance that is lacking, it seemed to me.
The beer pours a deep black, with a hint of red to the insignificant head. There’s a hint of cherry in the aroma which is dominated by coffee and cocoa.
Then you take a sip, and each flavor hits you: sour cherries, cocoa stout, and a slightly off-putting alcohol aftertaste that stays around in the mouth.
This one just didn’t strike the right balance of flavors for me. Individually, it sounded like a good idea, but putting them together just didn’t work for me.
Overall rating: 2.95

2 thoughts on “Bell’s Cherry Stout”

  1. You’re so wrong. So so wrong. You couldn’t conceivably be more wrong. Then again, I enjoy the taste of Cherry NyQuil.

    No kidding. I get you on the flavor notes, but I rather enjoy the way it tastes. That being said, I vastly prefer both the Kalamazoo Stout and Double Cream Stout to the Cherry from Bell’s.


  2. I’m surprised you gave it a 2.95. I thought it was horrible. An insult to stouts and an insult to cherries. Too sweet and not enough of a coccoa or coffe test. Didn’t like the boquet either. Blah. I’ll give it ‘The Drain’ which is below ‘The Urinal’ my previous low score.


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