Paczki Day

It’s amazing how things change, given a little time. It wasn’t a few years ago that Lisa couldn’t find paczki anywhere in the DC area. There was one bakery in Maryland that had them, but they were always sold out by 8am on Fat Tuesday.
Yesterday, we took a quick trip to Giant, where they had several boxes of paczki available. Lisa bought two boxes which she is taking to Ellie’s school today, because it is, conveniently, “P” day for show and tell. It’s amazing the influence that places like Wegman’s, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have on the more traditional grocery stores like Giant and Safeway. By catering to more upscale customers who are willing to pay more for freshness or unique products, those stores have forced the traditional stores to step up their games, and start providing similar products. We certainly don’t mind being the beneficiaries.
Myself, I’m more partial to beignets, but paczki sure are yummy.

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