The EVP Redesign has Arrived

I finally launched my redesign at I have received great feedback from EVP President/Owner Ross Balling and the people at Corona Light(the tour’s primary sponsor). I will post screenshots of the old site and the new site so you can really appreciate the difference. I learned a lot through this process and know that I have a lot more to learn but I definitely appreciate the experience!

Thanks to everyone that helped out along the way…Especially Jenn, the ever-supportive wife and love of my life.

2 thoughts on “The EVP Redesign has Arrived”

  1. Cool beans. Glad I could help (a little) too.
    You planning on playing the Virginia Beach event? That was the only one I saw anywhere close to us…


  2. Got to let us know which events you are playing in for sure especially the FL events so we can go cheer for the 2 time player of the year.
    Re the website, now you just need to have the boss keep the stats and results updated. It was frustrating for me to try to check how you did and not find any results for weeks.


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