Finally…Day 3

I know everyone has been anxiously awaiting the recap of my last full day in the lab as a rat.

The day was REALLY boring as the blood draws were reduced dramatically from the previous day. Not a bad thing. I was a little tired of the blood draw action, but to make it interesting my catheter was no longer flowing so I had to get poked for each remaining blood draw. Here was the break down:

7:35 – Urine sample (Man did I have to go too, no problems filling up the little container!)
7:50 – Vitals
8:00 – Blood Draw
8:10 – Physical Exam
9:00 – Breakfast!!
9:15 – AE Assessment
13:00 – Lunch!!
14:00 – AE Assessment
18:00 – Dinner!!
19:50 – Vitals
20:00 – Blood Draw
21:00 – Snack
21:30 – AE Assessment

sandwiched in between 19:00 and my vitals at 19:50 I got to have visitors…The family looked as beautiful as ever!! Thanks guys!!

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