Bell’s Winter White Ale

Pours an interesting pale orange/yellowish hazy color, with a decent head. The head didn’t hang around, and didn’t leave much lacing on the glass either.
The wheat is quite apparent from the get-go in the aroma. Very pronounced wheat, with definite spiciness coming through too. The flavor holds the wheat substantially on the tongue, with a tad bit of a citrusy tinge to go with the other mild spiciness.
I enjoyed this one. It was almost a nice bit of summer in a land of winter warmers and stouts.
Overall rating: 4.1

1 thought on “Bell’s Winter White Ale”

  1. As a former Michigander stuck in the Pennsylvania state-controlled beer and liquor monopoly, let me be the first to say, “Screw You Brian” for being able to get your hands on beer from the greatest microbrewery in the country.


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