Bunch of Wimps

Normally, I just take note of school closings and laugh at their pandering to the wimpy parents who are too scared to let their kids walk to the bus stop in the ice (but are sure to let their kids walk down to the sledding hill!). But now, we are actually affected by these idiotic school closings. Ellie’s preschool, while not a county school, follows the county guidance with regard to closing. So it was closed yesterday. Her music class held on Fridays, also follows the county. So there is no music class today either. Add that to the normal holiday for President’s day on Monday, and these kids will have gotten 6 and a half days off (they got out early on Tuesday to get home before the storm hit).
This is just ridiculous. The guys on the sports talk radio had it right. For those of you who are too scared that your kids can’t walk to the bus stop, or to school, either keep them home, or drive them there. For those of us who aren’t afraid, open the schools so that we can send our kids if we want.
Did I mention Lisa’s going a little (a lot) stir crazy since Ellie hasn’t gone to school or music class since Tuesday?
Update: Apparently Verizon’s FIOS installers are a bunch of wimps too. I checked my order status again this morning, and it appears to have been cancelled yet again. I’ll have to call them up and find out what’s going on with that.
Update #2: The regional Verizon dispatcher’s office says we are still on for a 1-5pm install! Woohoo!