Day Two of Lab Ratness…The Busy Day

After a lot of laying around and boredom on day one I wasn’t prepared for the blood draw onslaught on the morning of day two.

Day One came to an uneventful end with me hitting the hay around 11:30pm.

The wakeup call for day two came EARLY at 6 am with the nurses ready to hook up my catheter(not the wiener one, the blood one…Thank goodness). Unfortunately the process went something like this:
Poke – damn “I blew that one”
Poke – damn “I blew another one”
Poke – (insert new nurse) finally got it!!

I was not too thrilled about the third time’s a charm deal on the catheter insertion but at least they wouldn’t have to poke me every time they had to draw some blood.

7:15 weigh in
7:30 assessment(dude, how you feelin?)
7:45 vitals(BP, Temp, HR)
7:55 pre dose blood draw
8:00 Dose(6 pills, yuck!)
8:15 post dose blood draw 1
8:30 post dose blood draw 2
8:45 post dose blood draw 3
8:50 vitals again
9:00 post dose blood draw 4(I can have water now! I had been fasting since 10pm the night before and will continue fasting until lunch)
9:15 assessment again
9:30 post dose blood draw 5
9:50 vitals
10:00 post dose blood draw 6
11:00 post dose blood draw 7
11:50 vitals
12:00 post dose blood draw 8
12:10 LUCNH!!(Chicken Salad Melt, with carrots, celery, an apple, a cookie and a Sprite)
14:00 post dose blood draw 9
14:15 assessment
15:50 vitals
16:00 post dose blood draw 10
18:00 DINNER!!(Spaghetti with meat sauce, slice of garlic toast, fruit, salad, peanut butter pie and 2% milk)
19;30 Urine sample
19:50 vitals
20:00 post dose blood draw 11
21:00 snack(popcorn and lemonade)
21:30 assessment
22:00 fast begins

What did I do all day besides that…Worked, watched an old Growing Pains episode with Brad Pitt in it(hilarious), worked some more, watched World Trade Center(pretty depressing), watched a little bit of hoops (Michigan-MSU, UK-Tennessee) and eventually passed out around 1 am.

More to come…Day 3 has been much more low key.

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