Deep Cuts

So the Giants have parted ways with Lavar Arrington. Not really anything big there. He didn’t do a whole lot while in New York, and he continued his string of injuries, making it pointless to keep him. The more baffling news is that the Giants also cut Luke Petitgout. The Sportsline article indicates that the Giants believe that David Diehl made the transition to left tackle well enough that they can afford to cut Petitgout. The problem is, he only played the final regular season game against a weak Redskins squad and the playoff loss to Philly at left tackle. Hardly a significant enough sample size to say that your 8 year veteran was expendable. I hope they are right.
Yet another poor segue: The following video is from the Four Continents figure skating competition. There’s no blood shown, but the female skater Jessica Dube takes a skate to the face that’ll make you cringe.

Watch the video.

1 thought on “Deep Cuts”

  1. I agree on the Luke Pettigout situation. Ok, he has been injured, but he was still damn good when he was in there. Any coincidence that the G-Men went into their tailspin when he got hurt.

    On that video, OUCH!


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