Life As A Lab Rat-Day One

Lab rat, huh? That’s right, I volunteered(paid volunteering) for some poking and prodding fun courtesy of Quintiles. The drug they are researching is a drug to help symptoms for gastro-intestinal disorders (IBS!). Apparently what they are currently attempting to track is how the drug enters and exits your blood stream and what side effects the drug has.

Day One went a little something like this:
Check In at 7:00am.
Get Weighed shortly after.
Wait for about 45 minutes, pee in a cup and give a breathlizer.
Wait for about 15 minutes and poked(give blood).
Wait for about 30 minutes and have temp taken, BP taken and ECG.
Wait for about 30 minutes and get overall physical(ears, eyes, throat, nose, breathing).
Wait for about 1 hour and report to the ‘dorm’ area.
Wait for 1 hour to eat lunch.
Wait for 4 hours to find out that I am in the study group for sure.
Wait for 1 hour to eat dinner.
Wait for 1 hour to find out more details about the study.
Wait for 2 hours and say cheese for my photo ID.
Another hour for my snack(the snack before the fast!!).

Can’t WAIT until tomorrow when the fun begins, blood draw catheter getting inserted at 6:00am.

Anyone wanting to participate in studies with Quintiles tell em Mike Dauernheim $ent you!!

PS…Everyone please say a quick one for my grandpa(Pa) who is in the hospital for precautionary reasons(apparently whacky enzyme levels). I know he will be fine, but say a quick one anyway. TX.

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  1. In case you didn’t know, I have Ulcerative Colitis which is an IBS so thanks for helping the cause.


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