Lisey’s Story

Lisey's Story Lisey’s Story by Stephen King
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I think I have pretty well established myself as a Stephen King fan in my previous reviews of his books. Even so, I’d like you to put that aside for now, and just listen to me: go read this book. Without a doubt, this is one of King’s strongest efforts yet. Some will see parallels to other works of his which delve into the mind of a writer (The Dark Half, inserting himself as a character in The Dark Tower), but this is no navel gazing novel. Fans of the horror king will not be disappointed, but even those who aren’t fans will be captivated by the story.
I really, really enjoyed this book, and would probably sit down and read it again if it wasn’t due back at the library soon. It is definitely recommended.
Next up is The Blind Side by Michael Lewis. Lewis previously wrote the oft-cited baseball tome, Moneyball, and this is his look at football and how the left tackle position became the most important in the game (hint: his initials are LT).