I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Sniffing Glue

After an uncanny string of positive events, which included getting a new phone, finding out my house was eligible to get FIOS, getting my iPod to work again, and generally other good things happening, Karma has kicked back – right in the nuts. I think I’ll need to loop for the Dalai Lama to get my karma back in order at this point.
Last night, I plugged the phone into my computer (it uses a mini-USB connection to charge) and poof! The computer rebooted. While the computer ended up being okay, the phone may be dead. It doesn’t turn on, and doesn’t seem to be charging through the computer any more. I’ve got a wall charger coming via UPS later today, so we’ll see how that goes (assuming the UPS guy doesn’t get stuck in the whopping one inch of snow which cancelled school today).
Then I log on to my credit union’s website today to make sure my paycheck was deposited, which it was this morning. Only, they tried to cash the mortgage check yesterday, before the paycheck was in. So that bounced, and we have to figure out what to do with that.
Also, in a more minor annoyance, the library sent me a notice that “Left Behind” was due tomorrow. Only I returned it last week with one of Lisa’s books and a bunch of Ellie’s. So I’ve got to call them up and figure out what’s going on there. Doesn’t it figure that the worst book I’ve checked out of the library in the past 2 years is the one they say I haven’t returned? Update: Just got off the phone with the library, and the kind lady at the circulation desk just took my word and removed the book from my account, so I won’t get in trouble for that.
Today is also February 7th, 2007, also known as “Hammer Day.” The Hammer is the name for the oft-misunderstood “worst hand in poker”: 7-2 offsuit (see the connection? 2/7/2007?). Poker bloggers everywhere play this hand as if it were the nuts. I’d get online and play tonight, only all my poker money is in Neteller limbo right now. Fookers.
Well, at least my FIOS order looks like it is still set for February 14. Knock on wood.
I’m feeling a Starbucks comfort splurge coming on tonight. Thankfully, some kind elves delivered multiple Starbucks giftcards to our house for Christmas, so I’ve got that going for me.