After months of anticipation, it appears that Verizon will be installing FIOS, their fiber-to-the-home broadband service, at our house on February 14th. Unfortunately, due to the time it took for them to roll it out to me, the price will be a bit more than I thought it was going to be. But prices on VOIP telephone service have gone down as well, so it will end up being a wash. I’m still a little pissed that they were running a promotion during the last week of January, which is now expired, which would have netted me a $100 Amex gift card. Oh well, you can’t win em all. I may try to sweet talk someone into it when I get the chance.
One minor rant about it real quick. I previously mentioned how I “pre-ordered” FIOS. I called them up, and the rep told me someone would call me back by February 15th with a “priority” installation date. Only there was no way I could figure to check on my pre-order status. Instead, when I called the number, the rep just offered to sign me up for a pre-order again, and said if I had already done so, I had to wait for the call. The problem? If I went to Verizon’s own FIOS page, I could sign up at the same time the rep was telling me I could still only pre-order. Here I am, a proactive consumer who wants to order their product, and they keep telling me it’s not possible. Not exactly the picture of competence. Hopefully FIOS will make up for it.
Trivia: Verizon pronounces it FY-ohs, but acknowledges that the word is Irish Gaelic for “knowledge.” The Irish pronounce it “fiss,” which is what I’m going to call it from now on.