Indy Wins it All

Congrats to Peyton and the Colts for winning the Super Bowl. Clearly they were the better team all game. Didn’t the Bears read the script for beating the Colts: keep Peyton off the field? I guess not. Ridiculous that the Colts had a nearly 2 to 1 time of possession advantage, and still, the Bears had a chance until Rex Grossman threw the pick that got run back for a TD. By the way, I called it after Devin Hester’s TD return: “This is gonna end up just like Ohio State-Florida. That’ll be the only thing the Bears do all day.” Exactamundo.
None of the ads really jumped out at me. The CareerBuilder ones with the office in the jungle were kinda neat. I liked the idea of the Garmin GPS vs. the Map creature, Godzilla style, but it lost something in the execution. Even though they weren’t funny, I really thought the Toyota Tundra ads were the best. The visuals of the truck speeding up to 70 mph, then slamming on the brakes before going over the cliff were impressive and effective in getting their message across, unlike the Bud commercials which just tried to be funny and do not make me want to drink their beer. Ever. If I was actually in the market for a truck, I would actually consider a Toyota based on the ad.
We’ve got a busy week ahead with umpteen relatives in town for the christening, so updates may be on the lighter side this week.

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