I forgot to mention

Last week Austin was named the Computer Tots‘ “Student of the week”. He is the youngest student enrolled in Computer Tots at the La Petite in Shawnee. He got his picture posted on the wall with a flattering description of why he was chosen as the student of the week. For a kid yet to turn 3, he navigates through games using the mouse pretty well.

So for Austin “Way to go bud!”.

Also, Austin and Taylor have been making great strides(or strokes) in their swim classes. Taylor was able to retrieve a diving ring for the first time yesterday during her class. If you had been there for her first class a year and a half ago you would realize what a milestone that is. She has a pretty strong backstroke and always improving front stroke(working on the breathing).
Austin is still a psycho in the water and loves splashing around all class long. He is fearless, which can be scary for us at times, but he is becoming a pretty good little swimmer.