DirecTV praise and criticism

I am sure everyone has seen and heard the DirecTV advertising recently talking about how they will be offering a gazillion HD channels very soon. I have, so I started doing a little research. On the DirecTV site they have a function to look up whether your zip code offers local HD programming. A year ago when we moved into our new house here in Gardner, that was not an option. What we had to do was sign some waiver form and hope that our local affiliates would allow us to receive East Coast HD Local Channels. The only one that did was FOX. The only current local channel we have is FOX(that is New York Local). Jenn and I had researched the Off-Air antennas and we were in the Medium-Multi-Directional area which was going to be over $100 for the antenna and additional $ for cables and a dish rotator. Not to mention that I would have to install it and risk electrocution…Done that before, totally overrated. Anyway, when searching our zip code it came back that we indeed could receive local KC channels in HD…BEEEEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for the heads up DirecTV, thanks for nothing. I was just happy that we didn’t fork out the money for the off-air deal, so excitement level = high. Call up DirecTV to find out what I need to do. The guy says it is no problem, I just need a new 5 LNB dish instead of the 3 LNB dish that I currently have. Uh oh…How much is that going to cost?? He says it is free with subscription to local channels and the HD package. Nice. Much Praise.

Okay praise over…He was unable to find an installation date in the system so he transferred me. I go through the whole spiel again, give my phone number and address for the 100th time(or so it seemed). The lady reads our address to me and for whatever reason they have our old address(it is correct in our online account and we get our bill just fine). I give our new address to the lady. She asks me to spell Terrace…mmm kay. Then after it is all entered she reads the city and state back to me as “Gardner, Kansas City”. I say that is right but “the state is just Kansas, not Kansas City”. She tries to enter it…Address invalid. She reads it back again, “Gardner, Kansas City”. uh, “that should be Gardner, Kansas”. She enters it again and invalid again…WTF?!? Now she puts me on hold because she needs her supervisor to enter my invalid address in the system. My theory is that she entered it as Gardner(city), KC(state)…Just my theory. I am put on hold for over 10 minutes when all of a sudden I am not on hold anymore – I have a dial tone!! Sweet!!

Round two with the installers…I call back and explain the situation and tell the guy that I was ‘cutoff’ will on hold during an address change. The guy goes through everything again…He ends up canceling my order and entering a new one. GREAT!! He finds me an installation date on March 19th…Could it be in 2008 please?? jeez, a month and a freaking half?? SURE that would be great. He asks if I would like “morning 8-12 or afternoon 1-5”? Morning would be best so I choose 8-12. He gets us all set for installation on March 19th. I asked him if he could double check the address in the system since I had so many issues earlier with the other rep. he reads back our old address, AWESOME!! We start over with the address issue before finally getting that resolved(funny that he had no issues with an invalid address). “Okay sir, we have an installer scheduled to come out March 19th between 1-5″ he says. GRRRRR…”That sounds great!” I responded…At this point I was totally done with these people and certainly did not want to blow the whole deal by changing the time to the morning like I requested.

What exactly are the requirements to become DirecTV Customer Service Reps?? Mind you, I have had some very productive conversations with reps that have been extremely helpful…But then there are people like the two I dealt with today!!!

Okay…Criticism over.

PS – I now read that DirecTV channels that were expected to be in HD in early 2007 will now be in Q3 of 2007…sweet.

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