Today’s Trivia

I was listening to the new “George 104” station [side note: 104.1 used to be the last remaining classical music station in DC, but recently they changed formats, but did one of the coolest things a big radio station’s done in a while: they gave all their music to 90.9 WETA, and asked them to switch back to classical. 90.9 is a public radio station and had previously switched to all-news. So classical lives on. Since I’m not a classical kind of guy, I support them by listening to George 104: 70’s, 80’s, and whatever we want], and on came a familiar drum beat and guitar riff. I could have sworn it was going to be Wild Thing by Tone Loc, but it wasn’t. Do you know which song from 1978 he sampled? Post your guess in the comments, then click the Wild Thing link for the answer.

1 thought on “Today’s Trivia”

  1. I have no idea but it reminded me of a funny experience I had a few years ago. I was coaching at Sports Performance Volleyball Club for their top 16 and under team, circa 2004. I had a kid named Tony and I started calling him Tone Loc, at first the guys kinda laughed but I later realized they had no idea who Tone Loc was. I went around to every member of the team and asked if they knew who I was talking about and not a single one knew Tone Loc…I was baffled, I said “You don’t know Tone Loc-Funky Cold Medina?? Man I must be getting old!!”.

    I just checked the answer and in a million years I never would have guessed that.


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