Diaper Update

I know you’re all on pins and needles wondering if I went through with my insane diaper order. Well, you can stop wondering. Here’s the order:

Subtotal of Items: $114.15
Shipping & Handling: $43.02
Super Saver Discount: -$43.02
Promotion Applied: -$30.00
Total for this Order: $84.15
2 “Huggies Baby-Shaped Fit Diapers, Size 3 (16-28 Lbs), Disney, Pack of 144 Diapers”
Health and Beauty; $30.59
1 “Pull-Ups Training Pants with Wetness Liner for Boys, 2T-3T, Mega Pack (44 Training Pants)”
Health and Beauty; $15.99
1 “Motorola Mini USB Travel Charger for RAZR V3 , KRZR K1/K1m, SLVR, PEBL, and Q Phone”
Wireless Phone Accessory; $6.99
1 “Huggies Baby-Shaped Fit Diapers, Size 5 (Over 27 Lbs), Disney, Pack of 112 Diapers”
Health and Beauty; $29.99

Somewhat annoyingly, they forced me to have three separate shipments if I wanted Super-Saver shipping. Not a big deal, really. To my surprise, they shipped out the diapers the same day I ordered them, and they arrived at our house the next day! They don’t pack them in a separate box, they just slap a label on the side, and out it goes, so I guess that’s why they got here so quick. I’m still waiting on the Pull-ups, but obviously Evan doesn’t need those for a while. And now we have a boatload of diapers in the basement waiting to be used. Evan must be tuned in to these things, because he picked yesterday to have a ginormous blowout poop. He set a new record by getting it all up his back and into his hair. It’s so much fun being a parent, ain’t it?