This is What I’ve Come To

We had a pretty busy weekend. Our friend (and Ellie’s godfather) John was in from Chicago to visit before the tsunami of relatives arrives in 2 weeks. He’s a smart man, because we’re pushing 30 people who are going to be here for Evan’s christening.
On Saturday, we drove up to Baltimore. My cousin Bill and his wife Maria are going to be Evan’s godparents, so we figured it was probably a good idea if they met him before doing all that. They also have a rambunctious 7 month old puppy named Twist. Ellie had a blast playing with her, and somehow both of them made it out alive. I thought Ellie was going to knock the dog out throwing toys at her, and Twist was nipping at Ellie’s ponytails the whole time.
We walked from my cousin’s apartment on Eutaw Street over to the Contemporary Museum on Centre Street. They were running an exhibit on cell phone art, and since John works for Motorola, it seemed an interesting thing to see. Not bad, but we were glad it was free, as it was kind of small. After that, we stopped by the Walters Museum, which was also free. We didn’t get to stay long, but we will probably go back sometime, since they have a cool kids area. Anywhere civilized that we can take the kids is good in my book.
Next up we went to an Afghan restaurant called Helmand. We showed up just after it opened at 5pm, and it was definitely hipster parent hour. The strollers were stacked up at the entrance, and they were out of booster seats when we asked for one. Good food, and the place is owned by Hamid Kharzai’s brother.
After a day of two museums and a nice dinner out, we came back home and fired up the MSU-OSU hoops matchup on the Tivo and sat back with a cold beer. I was feeling pretty sick by halftime, and if John, a fellow MSU alum, hadn’t been there, I might have turned it off at that point. Luckily, we stuck it out, and watched a huge comeback come up just short as the Buckeyes pulled the Gilbert Arenas defense on Drew “Hibachi Junior” Neitzel and forced Maurice Joseph to take the final shot, which he missed. They’ll get a shot at a rematch this coming Saturday.
On Sunday, we got to check out a couple of places that we probably would have never gone on our own. John had a friend who was helping out with the music at St. Francis Xavier in SE DC. For those who know DC, you’ll know that it’s not exactly the best area in town, but they have a nice church, and they’re real proud of their school, from what I gathered. We arrived there for the end of that mass, and then headed up to St. Augustine in NW DC. This was just north of U Street, which is well-known in DC for its vibrant music scene. Nice place, very disciplined (the ushers roped off the aisles during the sermon) and very energetic. They sang the same songs as we would sing in church, but since the vast majority of parishioners are African-American, it’s totally different. We even got to see two babies being baptized, and they made all the newcomers, including us, introduce themselves at the end. Two churches in one day when we normally barely even go to one.
So it was a busy weekend, even without mentioning the geek stuff that me and John did after we got home on Sunday.
This morning, whilst perusing Amazon for memory upgrades for a cell phone (it’s silly that you can get 1 GB of storage for $15 and it’s the size of your fingernail, including the same thickness), I came across a “deal” that offered $30 off any purchase of $99 or more. The catch is that you have to spend $99 on Huggies products. We are seriously considering it. We just need to figure out which size and quantity to order. Indeed, this is what my life is like these days.