Over? Did You Say Over???

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Was it over when the Patriots went up 21-3 on the Colts?
I was rooting for the Colts and Saints yesterday. 50% ain’t bad. I tell you, when I saw that Patriot offensive lineman manage to recover the fumble in the end zone, I was about to be sick. The Patriots luck seemed ready to continue. Instead, Peyton Manning calmly led the Colts back from the brink and turned the game around. The Colts even returned the favor, having one of their lineman recover a fumble in the end zone, AND throwing a pass to a tackle-eligible for a TD. Oh, and tell me the Patriots aren’t wishing they had some real wide receivers left on the team. Hello, dropsies. Wide open dropsies. Multiple times.
We got our first snow of the year in Washington DC yesterday. Ellie and I had a blast playing in the snow. She even has her own little shovel and did a reasonably good job of helping. Unfortunately, it was still snowing when we shoveled, so now there is a nice layer of impenetrable ice over the driveway and sidewalks.
Evan was unimpressed by the snow. He doesn’t react to much of anything really, so no surprise there. We got some good pictures of his first snow though.
Max, on the other hand, is a serious snow dog. He loves running around in the white stuff. Not so much the crunchy ice stuff this morning, but give him powder, and he’ll run wild.
Personally, I like the warm beverages I get when I come back inside.

3 thoughts on “Over? Did You Say Over???”

  1. Was the Korean war over when we bombed Baghdad?! just kidding…Nice to see some fat guys get some love on the offensive end. AND SO GLAD THAT BELICHEK LOST – ASS.


  2. Seriously, I hope you guys are joking. “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” is a classic John Belushi quote from “Animal House.” If you did not know this, you will have to turn in your man card.


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