Amazing Race All-Stars

Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Bertram Van Munster, the producer of the Amazing Race about the upcoming “All-Star” edition of the race. Teams from previous races are back to compete again. The only previous winners back are Joyce and Uchenna, but the lineup includes David and Mary and Dustin and Kandice from the latest edition (they had 2-3 months between races), and my favorites, Boston Rob and Amber. I know everyone hates Boston Rob, but the man is a master manipulator. His gambit on the last Race when he got other teams to give up on a challenge was classic.
The Race doesn’t start airing until February 18, but I’m looking forward to seeing Rob back in action.

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  1. Hope Boston Rob wins as he got royally screwed last time. When was the last time you saw a plane return to the gate to pick up a late arriving passenger, 1996 maybe?? That allowed the eventual winner to stay in the game (Rob wouild have had a minimum 2 hour lead)and ultimately cost Rob the race.


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