Washington is an Arenas Town

I’m not a big hoops fan, certainly not when my Knicks are just 17-22 yet only one game out of first place. But man, that Gilbert Arenas is the man. Did you see the shot yesterday? Go on and watch it and come back. I heard it on the radio on my way home from work, and I knew it was going in. Like the man says, everyone in the building knows he’s getting the ball, taking the last shot. Antonio Daniels is over there in the corner with his arms behind his back, knowing he’s not going to see the ball. And yet Gilbert just dribbles, stops, pops, turns his back, doesn’t even watch it go in, and swish. Money. He’s gotta be an early MVP candidate.

1 thought on “Washington is an Arenas Town”

  1. I used to not like the guy much…Mainly because he single handedly beat the Bulls in the playoffs. But watching him more and more, hearing his interviews on the Jim Rome Show and for shots like last night how could you not be a fan. Gilbert ‘freaking’ Arenas – he is the man, the MVP without a doubt thus far…Hibachi!!


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