I am so ready for my favorite TV shows to start back up again. It seems like every show decided to have some sort of extended hiatus over the holidays. “Lost” has been off the air since October or some nonsense. My Tivo has been getting sad for lack of stuff to record. Battlestar Galatica, Lost, Heroes, and Prison Break are all coming back within the next couple of weeks (Lost is the laggard at Feb 2, I believe). I’m definitely looking forward to that now that football season is winding down.
All that having been said, it has given us a chance to watch/catch up on a couple of other shows. “Scrubs” is as funny as ever (we just watched the first couple of episodes last night. Pop Rocks + N Sync = Hilarity). And we watched the “My Name is Earl” episode where they were on Cops and we falling over laughing so hard.
Still, I’m ready for my “serial” dramas to start up again.

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