After watching the Patriots luck their way into a win yesterday, one might have thought that the Brady/Belichick worshipping days would be over. But no, this morning it’s the same old story. The Patriots are masters of the postseason, the most clutch team ever! Never mind that the Chargers handed them the game with the dropsies, the punt that idiot fumbled and should have fallen on, but instead tried to pick up and run, the Brady “clutch” interception that was promptly fumbled right back to the Patriots. Forget all the luck. The Patriots apparently would have won even if none of those things had happened, because they are just that good. My ass. I will give the defense credit for allowing the Chargers to have drives in New England territory 10 out of 14 times, but only allowing 21 points. But the Chargers beat themselves. Poor Marty. You can criticize him if you must, but aside from stupidly passing up a field goal early in the game, and not running one more quick out with 8 seconds remaning to get a bit closer, he didn’t do anything to lose the game. His team had the game in its grasp, and fumbled it away, just like 1988 and Earnest Byner.
And yeah, I’m just a little bitter about the whole thing. Why can’t things like that happen to the Giants? Instead, we resign Tom Coughlin to another year. All I know is that if he doesn’t hire someone to take Eli into the film room to learn him how to play some quarterback, we’re doomed.
But hey, the Spartans won yesterday, so that’s something.

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  1. not to mention the unnecessary roughness penalty that kept the Patriot drive alive and got them a field goal or the 15 yard penalty that gave the Patriots the ball at the 35 instead of the 20(that penalty on the extra point). I am not really a Chargers fan but I certainly don’t like the Patriots and I was sick to my stomach watching that loss. I can’t imagine how the Chargers fans or Schottenheimer feel. That poor guy must have done something really awful in a previous life.


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