David Beckham signs with LA Galaxy for $250 million

This just in, David Beckham has decided against playing competitive soccer ever again and has signed with the LA Galaxy. At $50 million per year, he will make more than the entire MLS payroll (around $28 million). The DC United were sold for $33 million recently, and that was for the whole team! It will be interesting to see if anyone else in MLS (i.e. the New York Red Bulls, who have two major player allocations they can use to spend big bucks on some like Beckham, and have Bruce Arena coaching them) follows suit.

2 thoughts on “David Beckham signs with LA Galaxy for $250 million”

  1. A lot of the $50 million is not straight salary, but rather in endorsement compensation thru the MLS. Nevertheless, wonder how hard it will be to live on $1 million per WEEK for the next 5 years.


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