Like Shane with his Chiefs, I’m disappointed that the Giants lost. They didn’t play particularly well, but they still had a chance to win it. Really, the game was lost when, in the early going, the defense held the Eagles pinned back inside their own 20 with three straight three-and-outs. The offense got the ball around the 50 each time, but failed to get a first down themselves, let alone drive for a score. Eventually, the Eagles got themselves out of the hole, and Brian Westbrook took control of the game. I still believe they should have gone for the touchdown instead of settling for a 20 yard FG to tie the game at 10. But then again, they hadn’t gotten smart enough to put Brandon Jacobs AND Tiki Barber in the backfield at the same time, like the entire world had been saying they should do at the goalline, so I have little confidence that they would have called a play that would have worked. Their biggest problem all night is in 3rd and manageable yardage situations, Eli time and time again was unable to make a first down. Eventually, they took the game out of his hands, but the defense couldn’t win it for us, though they almost got Westbrook to fumble on the last Eagles drive.
So ends Tiki Barber’s fine career. He started out as the next coming of Dave Meggett, and turned into possibly the best Giants running back of all-time. We’ll miss you Tiki.