All Your Base Are Belong to Google

This weekend, I spent some quality geek time rearranging some website stuff. Specifically, I set up all of our mail to be delivered through Google, using Google Apps for Your Domain. In true geek fashion, I also took over the DNS for my domain using There were some things I had to do for setting up GAFYD that I could have put in support tickets for, but it was easier to do it myself.
I ran into some slight snags when it didn’t seem that the DNS changes I was making were propogating, but eventually they worked their where through the Inter-tubes and all was good.
Since I use GMail as my primary email app anyway, I figured I might as well switch to GMail completely, instead of having my GMail account masquerading as my account. So now I have a personalized start page, mail, and calendar through Google for this domain. I even managed to switch Lisa’s email over too, in spite of an “oops” moment or two that freaked her out a bit. This will also, at some point, allow me to reinstall Windows on my home machine and get rid of the cruft that’s been building up over the past few years. I’ve got a lot of programs and junk installed that are just slowing the machine down, and now having things managed online, it’ll be easier to reinstall and get rid of the junk.
The only complaint I have is that GAFYD does not yet allow you to use your domain login to directly access Google Docs and Spreadsheets or Google Reader (there are workarounds, but nothing particularly pleasing at this point). Hopefully they will add the Docs component soon, as that would be very useful to me. I’m also not 100% sure that Google Talk works, though it seems that chat within GMail itself does work.
Overall, I’m happy with the switch so far, and I don’t think anything was lost along the way. Let me know if you’re having any trouble sending me emails, or accessing any parts of the website.

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  1. A few questions…

    Are you still using WebHostingBuzz as your host? If so, how hard was it to set up the Google apps for it? I have a domain I want to basically do the same thing…probably just GMail and calendar for the domain…but who knows how much more. I was thinking of using WHB as the host since they are so darn cheap.


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