Fun With Returns

We continued our “week of returns” last night, heading out to Kohl’s, Sears and Macy’s to exchange and return mis-sized or duplicate gifts. It turned out to be a good night for me especially.
I should also mention (geek alert) that I seem to have solved my issues with my computer’s HD tuner card last night, which contributed to my good mood. Part of the problem was that the Home Depot antenna was a piece of crap, and part was misconfigured software on my computer. Once I got those issues worked out, I successfully recorded “My Name Is Earl” in HD last night. “Earl” is famous for their HD “easter eggs,” which are things that are hidden to standard TV viewers, but visible to widescreen HD viewers. I guess they broadcast in letterbox even on standard TV now, but it’s still pretty sweet. Now I just need a bigger (much bigger) hard drive to hold the HD recordings!
Enough of that digression. Last night’s returns went well. We got a bit of store credit from Sears first, then had a windfall at Macy’s when returning two pairs of slippers (Lisa got 4 pairs, and I got one which I didn’t need). We got about $30 on a gift card, and headed upstairs to check out the Foreman grills, since the coating on ours is starting to peel off, reducing its non-stickiness. On the way to the elevator (if you have a huge double stroller like we now do, it’s essential to find out where all the elevators are), Lisa noticed that they had 50% off a Calvin Klein 5 piece Shave Kit, which knocked the price down to $26! After a fruitless Foreman grill search (the G5 with interchangeable plates is sweet, but pricey at $130), we headed back down and I bought the shaving set. It seems pretty decent, and included a Gillette Mach 3 razor, stand, bowl and brush (yes, I realize that adds up to only 4 pieces, but apparently they count the blade and the razor as two separate pieces). Now I just have to go out and buy some shaving soap and start practicing. Lisa also bought me a “hot lather shave” at the Grooming Lounge, so I figure I will go there first and get educated before killing my face.
I also was able to exchange some pants at Kohl’s with no trouble. It’s amazing that we had no receipts for any of this stuff (except Sears), and we had no trouble at all returning or exchanging. I swear, if I was unscrupulous, I could have walked into Kohl’s with my bag, grabbed two pairs of pants off the shelf, and “exchanged” them without any problem. Especially when you consider that I had Ellie with me to make me seem honest! Obviously, I didn’t do that, but it’s still interesting to note.
The night was almost perfect, but then the Spartans dropped their Big Ten basketball opener to Iowa after a valiant comeback. Oh well, you can’t have everything I guess.

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  1. Watched the MSU game last night and a blind man could have shot better. Supan must have been auditioning for his next job as a bricklayer.


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