How Sweet It Is!

Get it? Sweet, Sugar Bowl. Har.
“They are who we thought they were! If you want to crown them…”
Hopefully after last night’s whupping by LSU, we can put to rest any thoughts that Notre Dame was any good this year. Seriously, when you almost lose to Michigan State and Purdue, you are not a good team. That game was just so fun for me to watch, as a Notre Dame hater. Brady Quinn made some stupid throws, LSU repeatedly and relentlessly burned Notre Dame’s secondary deep, and the Tigers just crushed the Irish. Awesome.
I went out after work yesterday and bought a new Silver Sensor antenna. It’s bigger than the crappy GE model I had bought from Home Depot, and less expensive. It’s also very directional, but luckily, all the major networks are in the same direction, so I would only have to move the antenna to get PBS. I finally got all the signals up over 80% (and at one point, CBS came in a 104%!) consistently, meaning I could watch Notre Dame get their asses kicked in high definition. Very cool.
Oh, and more good news, after a lot of Verizon activity on my block recently, I got a flyer in the mail that I could now “pre-order” FIOS, their fiber high-speed internet. I tried calling at 8am, when they were supposed to open, but apparently their call center is on Central time, so I have to call back at 9am. Can you tell I can’t wait? Update: After talking to Rodolpho, my FIOS call center buddy, they will be calling me back on or before February 15 to schedule the installation. Expect some telephone number confusion/glitches when we transition from Cavalier to FIOS and VOIP.
I leave you with this column by Dan Le Batard of the Miami Herald, talking about Nick Saban: “He was less of a success than Dave Wannstedt and more of a traitor than Ricky Williams.”