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If anyone can remember who used to do “Sports Briefs” on Chicago TV in the late 80’s/early 90’s, I’d appreciate it. He would do his little sports bit, then stand up from behind the desk and have these funky boxers on. I thought it was funny anyway. Update: Collaboration with my dad led me to remember that the sportscaster in question was Mark Giangreco, and the bit was called “Sports Shorts,” not briefs.
So, on to what’s going on in sports, or my world of sports.
Michael Strahan is out for the year on IR. The Giants are doing their best to back into the playoffs, and despite their best efforts to the contrary, STILL control their own destiny. If they beat the hated Redskins this Saturday, they should be in, barring a bizarre strength of schedule shift with the Packers.
Randy Johnson is on the trading block. Getting Andy Pettitte helped that cause, and they are apparently looking to free up his salary cap hit so that they can make a run at Barry Zito AND Roger Clemens. Oh the humanity!
On the opposite spectrum, the Nationals entire payroll is probably going to be less than what Randy Johnson is making. But damn, that stadium is already taking shape! You can check out the construction pictures here, and be sure to check the construction webcam on occasion as well.

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