Paycheck to paycheck

Warning: The following post contains language that may be offensive to our younger readers. Reader discretion is advised.
An article on CNN about living paycheck to paycheck caught my eye this morning. I thought, “Maybe they’ll have some good tips on what my family can do to get out of our own paycheck to paycheck rut.” Then I remembered that this is the same outfit that recently ran a travel article titled “For the best in European skiing, head for the Alps.” Seriously. And they pay people for this shit.
Anyway, I check out the article. They focus on a family living in Omaha, Nebraska, making $150k/year. How could they possibly be living paycheck-to-paycheck? They’ve cut out “luxuries” like cable and fancy coffee. Then they tell us: they own two rental properties that AREN’T OCCUPIED! Jesus H Christ. Not only that, they have a horse, that was a gift from their parents for the kids, that costs them “a few hundred dollars a month to feed and care for.” Well no fucking wonder they can’t make it on $150k.
I hereby issue a challenge to CNN Money. Come on out to my house, and tell me how I could do better budgeting my money. Until then, stop writing stupid fucking articles about idiots who have clear money management problems but don’t have the balls to face up to them.

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  1. Did you read any of the comments in the “Tell us what you think” link at the top. Good point on CNN being totally out of touch with reality. The two properties are very obviously the issue here. I can’t imagine them being less than $2,000 per month to maintain. Stupid CNN.


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