A Different Kind of Football

First off, the usual kind. Despite a valiant effort from Thomas Jones, he couldn’t overcome his coach (who pulled him in the 4th quarter, giving a trash time TD to Adrian Peterson instead) and Devin Hester, whose two kick return TDs gave the Chicago D 13 points against me. I swear, the Rams coverage team must not have had 11 players on the field on those returns. I’m out of the fantasy football playoffs in heartbreaking fashion, as my opponent had his highest total in 4 weeks.
In earth-shattering news to the other football (soccer) fans in DC, United traded Freddy Adu to Real Salt Lake. He wasn’t getting along with the coaches, and wanted to play positions that were already filled by All-Stars, so it was a good move for everyone. United now gets the chance to sign a high profile foreign player to replace Adu, and Real Salt Lake gets the chance to market young Freddy (assuming he doesn’t go overseas).
That’s all I got for now. My buddy just got a 40″ LCD HDTV and I’m spending the morning being very jealous.