Easy Come…

As quickly as my fantasy hopes came alive last week, they were dashed this week. I’m trailing by 21.5 points this time, meaning Thomas Jones has to outscore the Bears defense by that margin for me to advance. I’m not holding my breath, nor will I be live blogging Monday Night Football. Two different lineup decisions could have changed the outcome: Brett Favre over Jon Kitna and Devery Henderson over Anquan Boldin. I told you I had a hunch about Henderson, and sure enough, he caught a 42 yard TD pass. Kitna disappointed me. He had a couple of bad interceptions, including a couple at the end of the game when they could have scored. Even Jay Cutler would have been an improvement over Kitna and Romo.
At least the Giants got a big win in Carolina. The defense must have been playing well for the Panthers to have Chris Weinke throwing the ball 61 times, and only having 5 completions to Steve Smith. Huge game this week against the Eagles.
Ellie enjoyed her first Space Shuttle launch this weekend. She was in the bath on Saturday night when it occurred to me that it might be on. Sure enough, 45 minutes later, the shuttle took off for its mission to the International Space Station. Ellie enjoyed her astronaut ice cream, and flew her mini-Space Shuttle up into the sky as well. Fortunately, she missed Evan with the launch. That time.
Speaking of the boy, I finally posted a new picture of him. Be sure to check it out.