Win and I’m In

Here’s my current starting lineup for fantasy football this week. If I win, I’m in the playoffs. Lose, and I need help. My opponent already has an early 21 point lead thanks to Ben Roethlisberger last night. It could be worse. The guy I played last week had Willie Parker’s 27 points. Anyway, the lineup…
Tony Romo vs. New Orleans
Jon Kitna vs. Minnesota
Thomas Jones @ St. Louis
Brian Westbrook @ Washington
Anquan Boldin vs. Seattle
Donald Driver @ San Francisco
Todd Heap @ Kansas City
Josh Brown @ Arizona
Patriots Defense @ Miami

Some tough calls there, as I have Chester Taylor and his bruised ribs on my bench, along with his replacement Ciatrick Fason. Also benched are Devery Henderson, who I have a sneaking suspicion will catch a long TD against Dallas and Brett Favre. Kitna is my biggest risk as I see it, but he’s averaging 14 points a game, and I like starting a second QB over a 3rd WR. Hopefully I made all the right choices.