Fantasy Football update

It’s been a while since I mentioned anything fantasy football related. My season hasn’t been going all that well. Shaun Alexander did indeed fall prey to the Madden Curse, and I ended up trading him around Week 8 or 9 for Thomas Jones. I just couldn’t wait any longer for him to come back, as my team was going down the tubes. In fact, the trade worked out, as going into this week, I was tied for the last playoff spot and playing the guy I was tied with.
My lineup for this week was pretty well set. Tony Romo at QB, Chester Taylor and Brian Westbrook at RB, Todd Heap at TE, Josh Brown kicker, and the Patriots D. Now I needed to choose 2 WRs and a flex player. I have 4 WRs on my team: Anquan Boldin, Laveranues Coles, Donald Driver and Devery Henderson. I had 2 QBs I could play: Brett Favre and Jon Kitna. I discounted Kitna playing against the Patriots D immediately. He hadn’t been playing well. I was also set on playing Boldin, my true stud WR. I wimped out of playing Favre as I had a bad feeling about him, and he’s been banged up recently. So I went with Coles against the 32nd ranked pass D of the Packers, and Henderson, playing against SF’s poor pass D, with Marques Colston being out for another game, and Henderson being on a hot streak. Naturally, the Jets shredded the Packers, but not with Coles (3 catches, 28 yards). And because the Packers were down 31-0 at halftime, Favre and Driver hooked up for a TD in the second half, and Driver outscored my 3 starting WRs 10.5-9.5. I have no idea where Devery Henderson (2 catches, 14 yards) disappeared to, but Reggie Bush had something to do with it. Even Boldin had a quiet game (2 catches, 32 yards).
Going into Sunday night’s game, I was down by 28.5 points. Chester Taylor bruised his ribs in the third quarter against the Bears, left one yard short of 100 (we get a point for every 10 yards, no fractions), and missed out on getting the late TD scored by Ciatrick Fason. Tony Romo would have been good, but threw two picks and did not throw a TD. I was optimistic though, because Josh Brown came back from a rocky start and kicked 3 FGs to bring me within 14.5 points with Brian Westbrook still to play on Monday night against Carolina. My opponent was done, and only Westbrook could change the outcome. He’d only scored less than 15 points for me twice this year. So could he do it? Let’s go to the live blog, click below to read more.

8:40pm, kickoff, finally. In the pregame, they reported that the Eagles would be looking to make Westbrook a big part of the offense today. I hope so! Westbrook introduced the Eagles offense, and only got one carry for maybe a yard. Three-and-out, and the Eagles’ fans boo.
8:53pm: The Panthers punt it back, down to the 12. The Eagles get a holding penalty and a 3 yard carry from Westbrook before another three-and-out. Carolina is winning the early field position battle as this game is not looking like it will be pretty.
8:59pm: Steve Smith scores easily. Eagles getting the ball after the kick is what I’m waiting for. Naturally they make me wait through TWO commercial breaks.
9:06pm: Carolina is smothering my namesake, but Jeff Garcia loosens the D with two big completions. But after a short completion to Westbrook, Garcia gets sacked and Philly punts to the 10.
9:13: I have no idea if Joe Theismann thinks the Eagles should double Steve Smith or not. Either way, the Eagles force a punt, but the field position reversed again. Westbrook smothered again to end the quarter. Ugh.
9:35: After Steve Smith lets the punt go over his head and bounce to the 20, I have to go tend to Ellie for a little while. Checking the game log, I am pleased to see that Westbrook had a couple of 9 yard runs, bringing his total to 27 yards before the Eagles punt again.
9:38: The Panthers go three-and-out and punt to Westbrook (please don’t get hurt!) who calls for a fair catch. Phew! The teams then exchange three-and-outs.
9:53: Touchdown, Brian Westbrook! Unfortunately it was receiving, so I only get half the points, but he’s got 9 of the 15 points I need before halftime. Come on baby!
10:15: Philly gives up a silly late TD to give Carolina a 14-7 lead at the half, and they get the ball first in the second half too.
10:38: Fuck! Westbrook just now comes out of the locker room after getting his toe “worked on.” Still not on he field, dammit!
10:40: He’s back in, only to get smothered. Again. Garcia throws a TD to Stallworth.
10:54: For once, I agree with Joe: hell of a lob on the busted screen by Delhomme. Gets Philly back on offense, hopefully Westbrook is OK.
11:06: Westbrook gets a nice 20 yard run and a reception to bring him up to 12.5 after 3 quarters. One more decent reception and he’ll be at 15.
11:24: The teams exchange field goals, and I need Westbrook to get his points so I can go to sleep already!
11:28: There it is! A nice floating pass over the shoulder, and Westbrook gets to 16 points. I’m going to bed now.
Postscript: As it turned out, Brian Westbrook scored 17 points, and I won one of the most pitiful playoff implication games ever. But if I win this week, I go to the fantasy football playoffs. Yes, I am a geek. But now when you hear them talk about fantasy football on TV, you have an idea of how into it people can get. No way would I have stayed up for that whole game last night otherwise, even though it did have major wild card implications for the Giants.