BCS Craziness

I’m not going to lie. I’m not a Michigan fan. Duh. But it truly is crazy how they came out of the loss to Ohio State ranked #2 in the BCS, only to have USC, then Florida pass them in the standings. I just think that Florida is a deeply flawed team that is going to be exposed against Ohio State. Maybe I’m wrong, we’ll see. I will still probably root for Michigan over USC, and definitely LSU over Notre Dame. Notre Dame ended the season 10-2, with embarrassing losses to the two good teams they played (Michigan and USC), and ended up not beating a single team that was ranked in the top 25 at the end of the year (Georgia Tech’s loss to Wake Forest dropped them out of the polls). And yet, they get picked to go to a BCS bowl. The reason? #7 Wisconsin and #9 Auburn both could not go to a BCS bowl because a conference can only have two teams in the BCS. All I have to say about that is “Geaux Tigers!”
Bah. The Giants lost again. You knew it was going to come down to a Martin Gramatica FG attempt, and unfortunately he made it. Eli played better, not great, but better, but it really came down to 3 drives: the 4th and 1 the Giants failed to convert near the end of the first half (why Brandon Jacobs is running outside on that play, I don’t know, and it leads to a 10-7 lead for the Cowboys instead of a 10-7 Giants lead); the first and goal at the 4 early in the third quarter where the Giants settled for a FG; and the first and goal from the 8 where they had two plays from the 4 and settled for another FG. Oh, and of course let’s not forget the interception by Mathias “I thought he threw the ball” Kiwanuka which he promptly just plain dropped while running downfield, allowing the Cowboys to recover and drive for a TD. Ugh. Clark Judge also reminds me that the Giants called a timeout at the Cowboys 12 yard line with 1:48 to go. He’s right: it’s your last drive regardless, why leave any time on the clock? Instead, they leave enough time for Tony Romo to complete a ridiculous 42 yard pass to Jason Witten to set up the game winner. Judge also points out what everyone else in the world has realized by now: put Brandon Jacobs and Tiki Barber in the backfield at the same time! No sense telegraphing who’s getting the ball on 4th and 1. Well, at least they didn’t blow a 21-0 lead, and they didn’t lose to the Browns (sorry Shane).
Ready for me to curse someone? My Islanders are in first place. Let the collapse begin.
Speaking of hockey, you’ve got to check out this goal. Sweet.

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  1. Florida may be a flawed team, and I believe that Ohio Stae will beat them. But check their schedule and who they beat vs. the Michigan schedule and tell me who deserves the shot more. With all due respect, the Big 10 was not a strong conference this year with only Michigan, Wisconsin and OSU ranked. OK, they also beat #11 ND, but you said enough about ND above.
    Florida beat #4 LSU, #12 Arkansas, and #17 Tenn and lost by 1 to #10 Auburn. Also beat GA who finished just out of the top 25. Sorry, but FL gets my vote to go.


  2. UM had their shot. Assuming they have the big rematch and they win… who’s the better team? They would have split their two games… and share the title? The only way to prove that UM really was number 2 (and OSU number one) is to have OSU pummel Florida.

    I do think that FL did have the tougher schedule, and deserves to play in the title game. UM better not let up for USC in the Rose Bowl either. ND is paper tiger. I mean, c’mon John L’s Spartans almost beat’em


  3. I was kind of hoping Michigan would get the nod just because I think they have the best chance to beat OSU not for any other reason really. I enjoy watching Notre Dame even though they don’t deserve to be in a BCS bowl and I hope they win to save face.

    I think the Giants can finish 9-7 and get in, so 3-1 vs @Carolina, Philly, New Orleans, @Washington, will be tough but doable. For the Chiefs, 9-7 probably doesn’t get in so they have to win a game on the road which they haven’t been very good at.


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