Commander Riker curls!

In a recent interview with the Indianapolis Star, Jonathan Frakes was asked what he is passionate about. His response?

“I’m always reading. I’m on a curling team. I go bass fishing as much as possible. I like to take the dogs into the woods. And we travel as much as possible.” Frakes also owns a home furnishings store with his wife; teaches film directing at a multi-arts center (his students include a teenager, the local gynecologist, TV producers and a 70-year-old); and plays the trombone (he’s featured on the Phish album “Hoist,” in the song titled “Riker’s Mailbox”).

Apparently, he lives in Maine, so that makes more sense than curling in LA.
I miss curling. I’m taking the year off, and I miss it. It would be my fifth full year of curling, and since I wouldn’t be able to travel because of the new baby, I decided to take the year off to preserve my “eligibility.” The northeast curling association (the GNCC) has special bonspiels (tournaments) for people who have been curling for less than five years. They are held in various clubs throughout the northeast (Maine down to Maryland), this year being in Rochester, NY and Wayland, MA, both too far to travel to with a 3 month old. So in order to give it one last shot, I will wait until next year to curl. It looks like one of the bonspiels might be held in Cape Cod, so that could be a lot of fun. And now you know why I haven’t been writing anything about curling this year.