As Expected

No surprise to anyone that MSU lost last night to Boston College. They are just a young team, and they made a LOT of mistakes last night. Every turnover was killing me, so I’m sure Tom Izzo was none too happy. But this is to be expected when you return only one starter from the previous year. Hell of a game between Ohio State and North Carolina too. Imagine if Greg Oden were playing for OSU. They’re gonna be tough to beat.
I have no idea what the Yankees are doing any more. $25 million to negotiate with a guy who might be a #4 starter? I at least agree with resigning Mussina, though again, I still think they paid too much, but that seems to be going around the league this year. Seriously, 5 years, $50 million for Gary Matthews Jr? Last year was the first year he hit above .275. Can you say “contract year?” And Alfonso Soriano’s contract is looking more ridiculous every day. Six tickets to every game, a luxury suite on all road games, no-trade clause, etc, etc. Sheesh.
Albert Pujols is now bitching that he should have been the MVP, saying that the MVP should at least lead his team to the playoffs. Guess what Albert? Put the Cardinals in any division but the NL Central, and you don’t make the playoffs. After the Phillies traded Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle, everyone thought they were giving up on the playoffs. But thanks to Ryan Howard, they made a serious run. Put the Phillies in the NL Central, and they would have beaten out the Cards. Ryan Howard is the MVP this year. Shut up.