The Ax

The Ax The Ax by Donald E. Westlake
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Do the ends justify the means? That’s the issue at the crux of “The Ax” by Donald Westlake. What would you do if you were “downsized?” How far would you go if you were out of a job for two years? Burke Devore decides to eliminate the competition, and goes about it in brutal fashion. Along the way, Westlake offers a fascinating look inside the head of a desperate man, and looks at how his life has been changed, and how he is still changing it. It’s a really well-written book, and deserves every one of the rare five stars I’ve given it.
I’ve now gone through all the books from my last trip to the library, and I’m waiting on a couple to come in. It looks like Only Revolutions by Mark Danielewski will be up next. As always, if you have any book suggestions, send them in, please!