The Curse Continues

It took a while this year, but as usual, one of the new shows I started watching, “The Nine,” has been put on hiatus. ABC has not ordered any more episodes beyond the original 13, and it doesn’t look like they will. This figures, as I just caught up on all the episodes in a marathon weekend, and now that I’m caught up, they’re ditching it. Oh well. I was waffling over whether to continue watching anyway. It was getting decent, but it was going to be hard to continue a show about a 52 hour hostage standoff.
At least my favorite new show, “Heroes,” is still going strong. NBC is very cool about the show, offering all the episodes online, and running an accompanying graphic novel online each week as well. The show is rapidly surpassing “Lost” as my current favorite.
Speaking of graphic novels, Joss Whedon is coming out with a new “Buffy” comic book series starting in March. Oh, the awesomeness of it all. The story will pick up a bit after where the show left us, the Hellmouth is closed, and new Slayers have scattered across the globe, but evil is still around. I can’t wait.