Good to be Back

I swear, another week at home, and we might have been left with only one child again. Ellie was really driving me nuts. I realize that she’s a toddler, and toddlers are all about repetition, but if I had to listen to one of her “music class” CDs one more time, I was going to lose it. Honestly, she’s been a bigger issue that Evan. She insists on climbing up on the armchair where Lisa is trying to feed Evan, she has to pick out the Cookie Monster diaper every time he gets changed, and umpteen other little things that were driving me crazy. At least now I get 9 hours of peace.
I hear this morning that MSU is going to hire Cincinnati’s Mark Dantonio as football coach. Another so-called “up and comer” rather than an established name. I only hope it’s not a John L. repeat. But hey, if he can coach a basketball school to a winning record, maybe there’s hope. I’ve only seen him coach one game, the win over Rutgers, and I was impressed, but we’ll wait and see how it goes.
While I maintain my Eli criticism of last night, after watching the highlights, you have to pin a lot of the loss on Mathias Kiwanuka, who had Vince Young wrapped up on 4th and 10, but inexplicably let him go. What an awful play, one that could cost the season and Tom Coughlin’s job if they don’t beat Dallas this week.

2 thoughts on “Good to be Back”

  1. Coughlin should go regardless of if they make the playoffs. He has clearly lost his team in the locker room and on the field. I would put more on Eli/Tiki and the defense as a whole than I would on Kiwanuka. Eli’s inability to make the easy play and insistence on attempting to make the impossible play is killing the team. If he can tone it down, do the simple things and the defense gets healthy I think they could still be a tough team. If not, look fro Dallas to run it up on the Gmen.


  2. Sounds like someone needs a chill pill. Colin does a lot of the same things, and trys to “Help”. He often ends up distracting Sam while he is trying to nurse, and he likes to get the diaper ready when its time to do a diaper change and likes to help give Sam a bath. My best advice – try to learn to appreciate the “Little” things the kids do to “Help” or understand that they are just wanting some attention because the new baby gets a lot more of it than they do now. Taking both kids to school everymorning now takes at least triple the effort, because Colin likes to “Help” or do things himself. While I was frustrated before, Now I realize that things are just going to take longer and that Colin is just trying to be a great big brother. They will be all grown up before you know it and soon you’ll miss those little things that drove you crazy. But it is funny that sometimes being at work seems more relaxing than being at home.


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