Two Week Update

We took Evan to the doctor for his two week checkup today, which unfortunately included his first shot. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that he is now up over 8 pounds, well over his original birth weight, and a weight gain of 17 ounces in about 10 days! I guess the kid is an eater. He definitely eats better than Ellie ever did, and he also sleeps better, not nearly as fitfully as Ellie. So those two things combined lead to a good weight gain, and also an additional inch of length! He cried only for about 10 seconds after his shot, and once we picked him up, he stopped and was fine.

Our two kids couldn’t be more different. Evan eats like crazy, Ellie had trouble, and spit up a lot. Evan sleeps a lot, Ellie would fall asleep in your arms, but then jolt awake if you tried to lay her down in her crib, or at any other noises. Ellie did not make it back up to her birth weight for a good long time after she was born, and was constantly falling behind the growth curve. Evan, even at 3 weeks early, is at the 50th percentile for weight, and 25th for length. Ellie cried and cried after her shots, Evan cried for 10 seconds. Ellie would suck on the pacifier all day, Evan spits it right back out if you try to offer it to him.

Here are the latest pictures:

The obligatory stork, with Ellie looking contemplative in the background.

Evan next to his birth sign.

Once again, our kids seem to be into flashing gang signs.

Ellie reading “Goodnight Moon” to her little brother. I think she actually knows all the words to that book, even though she can’t read yet. Hopefully she will be a good reader when she gets a little bigger.

Way too close closeup. You can see his teeny cleft chin, which apparently he gets from Lisa’s side (you just can’t tell because Bumpa has had a beard for so many years).