Sports Catchup

We lost our semifinal baseball game on Saturday. I actually got to play since Lisa’s parents were in town. I made a lot of plays in the field at third base and shortstop, but like the rest of the team, I only got on base once, on a bobbled grounder to third. We lost 7-0, or something like that. The worst part was that we waited for an hour plus on a cold November morning for the field to get cleaned up. The grounds crew had previously said it was unplayable, but since we weren’t going to play on Thanksgiving weekend, we had to get the game in. Unfortunately, tracking them down and convincing them took a while, and we never warmed up.
The Giants have sucked the past two games, haven’t they? The defense has been banged up, and the new left tackle sucks.
Michigan State had a good win against Texas, and had a chance to win a game they played poorly in against Maryland. That game was unfortunately decided by the non-call of a shot clock violation, but they at least showed the heart to get themselves to the point where the call mattered.
Alfonso Soriano is officially gone to the Cubs, for 8 years, $136 million. That’s a year and $17 million more than the Mets paid Carlos Beltran a couple of years ago, and Beltran was 2-3 years younger and a natural centerfielder. Soriano will be 31 before the season, and playing only his second year in left field. They also are going to probably hit him somewhere from 3-5, while he spent most of last year leading off. Good luck with that Cubbies. This could lead to some crazy numbers for guys like Carlos Lee, Barry Zito and Jason Schmidt.

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  1. And its a good thing that the Nats got something for him in that trade last year….oh wait…they didn’t get a damn thing….Bummer.


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